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UGI Ball – The Evolution of the Medicine Ball

What is an Ugi Ball?

The UGI ball is a new piece of equipment to hit the fitness scene. It is the only piece of equipment you need for a complete functional fitness workout called UGI. Part bean bag, part stress ball, the UGI is 15 inches in diameter and comes in a6, 8, 10, or 12 lb weight based on individual need.

The UGI ball is the evolution of the traditional medicine ball.

The benefits of the traditional medicine ball was conditioning through functional training. With UGI ball being squishy it can not only be held, lifted or thrown, but it can be balanced on by getting on top of and jumped over.

The UGI ball is a piece of equipment that is suitable for use anywhere and incorporates strength, cardiovascular and core stability training.

The ball comes in several colours and weights. The Ugi at Home package (a ball, a DVD, a printed workout guide containing 150 interchangeable exercises, a diet plan and a iPhone app.) retails for $189. Individual balls cost $129.

“I am always looking to maximize the mind body connection through many different workouts and activities. Ugi was both challenging and rewarding, a great portable workout for the road!”
— Chantal Kreviaziuk, Juno Award winning Singer Songwriter
Ugi at Home System Package

•Ugi ball in the weight of your choice  (learn more about choosing the right weight for you).
•five total body workouts on DVD with instructions, tips, tricks, modifications (utilizing 140 different exercises)
•a stand-up, easy-to-follow Ugi workout guide that has all 5 total body workouts
•a no-nonsense guide to making good eating choices
•access to our online video library of Ugi exercises
•Free downloadable Ugi interval timer for the iPhone (other smartphone platforms to come)


The Workout

The routine consists of back to back exercises performed at 1 minute intervals and in 30 minutes you will get a workout that incorporates strength conditioning, cardio and core training.

For a more intense workout you can cut the intervals down to 30 seconds.

Some exercises with the UGI BALL from

The Move: Dips

Target: Upper Body
How to Do It: Start in bridge position, hands on ball, feet flat on the floor. Bend your elbows to lower your butt without touching the floor. Then extend elbows to return to start.
Tip: Keep lower back close to the Ugi ball!

The Move: Right & Left Leg Lifts

Target: Lower Body
How to Do It: Balance your right knee on the Ugi ball. Extend your left leg straight out with toes pointed to the side. Keeping your leg straight and toes pointed, raise your left leg up and down.
(Switch sides)
Tip: Abs tight, flat back!

The Move: Plank Mountain Climb

Target: Cardio
How to Do It:  Start in plank position: forearms on ball, back flat, legs straight, and balls of feet on floor. Alternate driving knees towards chest.
Tip: Pick up the pace to get your heart rate up!

“My shoulders hurt. My arm muscles hurt. My legs hurt. It was challenging and I’m a professional boxer. Ugi is a serious workout!”

— Junior Moar, Canadian Light Heavyweight Champion
Some Press Reviews

Globe & Mail – “UGI FITNESS INC.: This company offers a new way to get in shape by using a squishy ball that improves the effectiveness and efficiency of just about any core training exercise. Imagine doing a push-up with your feet resting on a partially inflated medicine ball and you’ll get the idea.”

Buy it now from UGI Fitness

– “Pros: After my first Ugi workout, I was impressed. And the more I did it, the stronger I felt. Last summer, I spent 12 tough weeks slugging it out at bootcamp trying to slim down for my wedding, and I felt like the Ugi program let me fit all of those great bootcamp-type benefits into my workout—but in half the time, in the privacy of my own home, with minimal equipment (just the Ugi ball and a mat). I’ve been Ugi-ing for just over a month now, and mentally high-fived myself when one of my co-wokers recently asked if I’d lost weight. Next stop: Michelle Obama arms, just in time for summer.

Cons: During some of the more challenging moves in the workout, I found myself wishing that the DVD had verbal cues in addition to the written cues on-screen, just to remind me of proper form. There is an explanation of the moves in the workout guide, so I’d definitely recommend checking it out first before diving into the DVD. I’d also like to see the stretch series that’s provided in the exercise guide added to the DVD menu.” – “Touted for its beanbag squish and stress ball spring, Ugi (it stands for “U got it”) is a portable weighted workout ball that can amp up your fitness routine from warm-up to cool-down. Ugi balls can intensify a hodgepodge of cardio, strength training and balance exercises, like planks, squats and lifts. With 30 different movements performed in circuit training fashion, boredom is not an option.” – “You’ll be ready to show-off your curves in a two-piece this summer after working out with the Ugi ball. This fun new fitness tool, which has the squish of a beanbag and the bounce back of a stress ball, lets you do versatile moves that have the power to change your body head-to-toe.

Why it’s different: The Ugi ball is different than a medicine ball because of its squish factor! You can kneel on it, stand on it, and plank on this ball. The softness makes the surface unstable, so you’re body has to work extra hard (which means extra great muscle tone!).” – “While most of the Ugi moves can be modified for beginners, it’s probably best suited to experienced fitness enthusiasts looking for that next “new thing” to amp up a workout. I could see Ugi working nicely for independent personal trainers because of its versatility and portability”

 Buy it now from UGI Fitness

How to select your Ugi Ball

Are you new to exercise or haven’t done much of anything over the past 10 years?
Male: 8lb
Female: 6lb

Back in action-ers
Were you really into sports “way back when,” but haven’t exercised in a while?
Male: 8-10lb
Female: 8lb

Do you currently workout once or twice a week, and do a combination of cardio and strength training?
Male: 10lb
Female: 8-10lb

Do you currently workout at least twice a week and use at least a 10-pound weight for a bicep curl? Are you looking for a new challenge?
Male: 12lb
Female: 10lb

“A thirty minute Ugi workout combines the most important components of a well rounded exercise session; cardio, core, strength, flexibility and balance.  I would definitely recommend Ugi to my clients to complement their physiotherapy exercises and to healthy individuals looking to prevent injuries”

— Michael Wall, Registered Physiotherapist MPT, BHK

Buy it now from UGI Fitness 
Ugi has  a 30-day, 100% satisfaction guarantee on every product they sell.

Ugi at Home comes with a one-year limited replacement warranty for any manufacturing defects.

Ugi balls purchased for gym/studio classes have a one-year limited replacement warranty for any manufacturing defects when used within Ugi group fitness classes.

Warranty does not cover UGI balls are for slamming.




Ugi currently offers a flat rate for individual Ugi at Home packages shipping within Canada and the US.

Shipping Costs:

Canada – $24.95 CAD
7-10 business days

Rural Delivery surcharges are applicable and will be calculated automatically on your shopping cart. Brokerage & Duty fees may apply.

U.S. – $24.95 USD
3-5 business days

What if I am buying more than one Ugi package/ball?

Additional balls are charged at a flat rate of $19.95
More Testimonials

“My Ugi — Iove it, use it in my own workouts and with clients. It’s a fun alternative that is very versatile.”

— Holly Perkins, Celebrity Personal Trainer LA
“I thought it was going to be a super chill morning workout. Ugi was embarrassingly hard! I was really surprised.”

— Rob Short, Canadian Olympic Field Hockey Player

“The first time I tried Ugi with Sara, I could hardly pick up my son the next day!  That’s a good thing.  Seriously, it was like consolidating a really tough and satisfying hour and a half workout into just 30 minutes. I felt the exact same results in a third of the time. It was challenging yet easy to follow. Ugi really attacks your core and makes you feel stronger almost immediately. I loved it!”

— Amanda Detmer, actress




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